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Decking Material

Decking Material

Our Guide to Choosing the Right Material for Your New Deck

As homeowners start to shift their attention toward preparing for spring during this time of year, we tend to receive more inquiries from those considering new home projects. When planning for a new deck, one of the first things you’ll want to think about is the decking material. Need some help choosing which decking material is best for your needs? This is the blog post you have to read!


Wood Decking Material

Pressure-Treated Lumber

Pressure-treated lumber is the most widely used natural decking material, accounting for around 75% of new deck installations. This is primarily because of the budget-friendliness that it offers. While we recommend pressure washing and staining this surface once every two or three years, quality pressure-treated lumber should hold up well against insects, decay, and fungus.


Redwood and Western Red Cedar

Valued for their natural beauty and lustrous red coloring, western red cedar and redwood possess special oils that make them naturally resistant to decking dangers like rot, decay, and ravenous insects, so they don’t need much chemical treatment. These wood decking materials weigh much less and have greater resistance to warping and cracking than pressure-treated wood decking, but are also more expensive.


Tropical Hardwoods

For those that prefer a wood that requires as little maintenance as possible, tropical hardwoods are the best decking material choice. Found only in tropical areas like South America, Malaysia, Africa and the Philippines, tropical hardwood is so tough that it’s impossible to hammer a nail or screw directly into it. As you might expect, this brute strength also makes tropical hardwoods one of the more expensive decking material options.


Composite Decking Material

In recent years, composite decking has become a top choice for homeowners building or rebuilding their decks. There are so many reasons to consider going with this wood fiber and plastic blend. For starters, virtually zero maintenance is required over the years to keep these decks sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and safe. When you pair the durability, low maintenance and customizability of composite decking options together, it’s no wonder they are growing in popularity all the time.


Find the Perfect Decking Material for You with Excel Fencing and Decking

Excel Fencing and Decking is proud to meet the needs of every customer, whether searching for chain link fences or repairs to wood decks. Excel is a full-service fencing and decking company working throughout the greater Baltimore area since 1998. Fences Baltimore County carries top brands including Trex, Azek, Shoreline Vinyl Systems, and Wolf PVC material. Feel free to reach out to Excel with any questions you may have regarding any fence, deck, or remodeling project. Call directly at 410-803-9499 or fill out the contact form and one of Excel’s representatives will contact you promptly.

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