Curb Appeal

curb appeal

Improve Your Curb Appeal

If you’re looking for the best ROI on your home value, think about curb appeal first.

It may seem far away, but spring is coming. That means real estate buying season, and a whole lot of curb appeal needs. You want to get the best price on selling your home and nothing shows value like showing off.

You don’t need to break the bank to improve the value of your home, and when considering selling your house there are some adjustments that are better to make than others.

A Clean House Has Curb Appeal

A power wash or soft wash can have a tremendous impact on your curb appeal, especially if you have a white or very light-colored home. That clean exterior makes your home looked cared for, and helps potential buyers see your home as the epitome of what they want it to be. The first thing they see is going to be the exterior, and a poorly kept or dirty outside sets a bad precedent.

You can certainly rent the equipment you need and wash your home yourself, but hiring a professional can be surprisingly affordable! They do a great job (they clean houses all day every day) and they do it quickly. Whether you hire a pro or do it yourself, you want to do more than just the siding. Make sure you also get the walkways, fencing, and decking. A few bucks on the back end for a cleaning could mean a lot more in your pocket at the sale.

A Retouch

Most homes have painted exteriors, and over time there can be small chips and blemishes. Taking the time to do some touchup work will be well worth it. Alternatively, giving your home a fresh coat of paint will be even better. It will make your home feel and look like new. Avoid crazy colors, and this could be a good opportunity for you to make your home color MORE neutral, if it wasn’t a very neutral color before.

Review the Condition of your Roof

Winters especially can be rough on your roof. Spring is the perfect time to have a roofing tune-up. Replace some lost or faded shingles and fix any dented gutters. Those small details add up to the whole picture, and you don’t want a missing tooth to stand out in the portrait of your home. When preparing for a home sale, a roof replacement is not necessary, but having your roof cleaned and repaired will cost a lot less and make a very big difference.

Do Some Yardwork

If you’ve been neglecting your grass and your flower beds, this is the time to spruce them up! The more clean and put-together your home looks from all of these changes, the more minor blemishes will stand out. Since early spring is a key time for weed control and reseeding, make sure you put in the extra effort and spend a few extra dollars to overseed. Having a lush, healthy, and consistent yard will make a big difference to potential buyers.

Do the Basics

That handyman list that’s been on your fridge for the last year… now is the time to hit it. All of these small fixes go a long way in making a potential buyer really feel like a home is move-in ready, and meeting their precise needs. Here are some key things to think about when reviewing those minor repairs and fixes:

    • Repointing any brickwork around your home
    • Reseal cracked asphalt in the driveway
    • Replace cracked windows
    • Reattach or replace sagging gutters
    • Straighten shutters


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