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Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fence

When it comes to fencing, chain link can get a bad rap. Often used in movies and on T.V. to protect downtrodden factory lots and hold back snarling guard dogs, these simple metal loops are essentially the archetypal antithesis of a cheery white picket fence. While chain link fencing may not be for everyone, it certainly doesn’t deserve to be the villain of fences! Here are just a few reasons why chain-link fencing is just as great an option as vinyl or aluminum.



Not everyone has space in their budget for seventy feet of towering aluminum spires with intricate metalwork toppers– and that’s more than okay. At Excel, we strive to offer options that fit any budget without compromising on quality or efficiency. Chainlink fencing is easy to install and requires a relatively inexpensive manufacturing process. Furthermore, chain link fences are very low-maintenance, lasting much longer with little wear than wood fencing might. There’s no need to worry about power washing and restaining every two years with chain link!



As we mentioned above, chainlink is incredibly low-maintenance, requiring only a quick hose-down when pollen season or general grit start to take their toll. A simple rinse is all it takes to return your fence to its original metallic sheen, keeping your property clean and shining.

Along the same lines, our chain link is remarkably durable. The galvanized steel we use can withstand an astonishing amount of abuse year after year, resisting all but the harshest trauma. You can even choose to have your chain link fence covered in a special corrosion-resistant paint for extra protection, including against water damage. And even if your fence defies the odds and suffers damage, there’s no need to worry– chain link is an easy fix! We simply have to cut out and replace the damaged section, then apply a quick coat of paint to make your fence good as new.


Visually Appealing

Even after learning about the practical benefits of chain link fencing, you might be a little skeptical about its visual appeal. After all, durability and cleanliness can only take a project so far in the looks department. But even if gray circles aren’t your thing, chain could still be the material you’re looking for! We offer link fences in virtually every color and can configure them to fit any Maryland yard. Still not convinced? You can even customize the fence wire’s thickness and patterning for a look that’s completely yours. It’s also important to remember the differences between chain link and other common fencing materials such as wood. The weave pattern of a chain fence allows for much more visibility, letting sunlight and breezes slip through. Installing a fence doesn’t have to mean shutting out the world– a chain link design allows you to keep that security without forsaking your view.


Need New Fencing?

We can help! Our team’s expertise extends well beyond the realm of fencing and decking, but we pride ourselves on the project types that started it all. If you need any exterior or interior home remodeling in or around Baltimore, MD, then Excel is your go-to company. We offer the best in customer service alongside unbeatable prices and top-quality construction materials. Contact us today through our quick online form or give us a call at 410-803-9499 and let the journey with Excel Fencing and Decking begin!



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