Bring Nature Indoors

Nature Indoors

Bring a Touch of Nature to Your Bathroom


This is the time of winter when many individuals begin to long for springtime. The constant grey skies and snow cover make it feel like forever since we’ve last seen green. If you are among those who can’t wait to hear birds chirping, watch trees budding, and smell the fresh scents of nature awakening, we’ve got some good news – and better news – for you. We’re happy to say that spring is only a few months away. While that might seem too far off, the first signs of the season may sprout within the next six weeks or so. For those of you who still can’t wait, here’s the great news. New remodeling trends are finding ways to bring the beauty of nature indoors into the bathroom. Since many of you have long been dreaming of a bathroom remodel, and with winter giving us several more weeks stuck inside the house, there’s never been a better time to give yourself the bathroom of your dreams.



The trend toward natural décor has led to a revival of wood-themed bathrooms. Designers love how its texture and warmth combine to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Black oak and maple timbers are being used for accessories, cabinets, and floors, and even wooden tubs are making a comeback. While you can’t go wrong with a medium- or light-toned wood vanity, installing one with rough-hewn edges will really put a bathroom over the top. If you’re reluctant to go all-wood, try adding a resort-inspired wood accent wall to make every day feel like a vacation.



The linear and minimalist trends in bathroom lighting is a perfect fit for nature-inspired rooms. Bright lights are best, and when possible, employ lots of natural lighting. Glass walls and large mirrors are ideal for filling the room with sunshine while also complimenting the room’s organic appearance. There’s no better way to start a morning than with beautiful scenes of nature indoors, and that’s exactly what awaits the increasing number of homeowners who are installing bathroom vanities beneath windows. To really bathe the room in light, install a skylight above your shower or tub.



Whether you want something to accentuate the room or a theme to design around, look no further than live plants. They make an area more relaxing, fill it with positive energy, and even improve the air quality. And, the bathroom’s excess moisture and high humidity make for a perfect growing environment. Bamboo provides a zen-like experience when natural lighting enables it to thrive. Even darker rooms can enjoy plants, with shade-loving ferns a great example. If you want to feel like you’re outside, incorporate ivy throughout the room and encourage it to grow around mirrors, cabinets, and vanities. Space is always an issue in the bathroom, so instead of potted plants, make a real statement with a living wall.


We don’t think of the bathroom as being somewhere we spend a lot of time, but after a nature-inspired bathroom remodel, you won’t ever want to leave. And renovating it makes a ton of sense, as it’s one of the few rooms in a house that everyone regularly uses. Whether you’d like to give your bathroom a new look or a natural look, give Excel Fencing & Decking a call. Our home remodeling experts are the best in Baltimore!


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