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  • Two-Toned Fencing: Pros and Cons

    When you can’t decide what color to paint or stain your new fence, why not narrow it down to two?  A two-toned finish can coordinate with the design of your house or add more dimension to your new outdoor feature. … Read More

  • Spruce Up A Home Office Space

    As teleworking and freelancing become more popular, more and more homebuyers are looking for potential office space.  From a renovation standpoint, it’s a fairly inexpensive project.  Design-wise, though, it can be more challenging to create a space that walks the… Read More

  • The Keys to Hosting a Great Memorial Day Party

    At this point, most of us are of gearing up for the long weekend ahead.  Whether you’re heading out of town or planning to stay local to celebrate with family and friends, do more to maximize your extra day off! … Read More

  • The Advantages of Classic Wood Fencing

    Is there anything more classic than a wooden picket fence?  While this traditional design has had quite a few upgrades since Tom Sawyer’s time, its advantages have remained consistent.  Today we’ll take a closer look at why wood fences are… Read More

  • Keep the Bugs at Bay

    Now that it’s finally starting to warm up, it’s time to break in your newly installed outdoor entertaining space.  Unfortunately, you and your guests aren’t the only ones enjoying the weather.  If you’re outside, chances are—so are the bugs.  Nothing… Read More

  • Things to Think about Before you Install a New Sidewalk

    What’s more inviting than a well-placed sidewalk leading directly to your door?  Though most neighborhoods have walkways already positioned, you can add your own outdoor feature to enhance the character of your home and make it stand out from the… Read More

  • Have you Considered Aluminum Fencing?

    When you think about fences and classic lines, what comes to mind?  For most people, the image that ensues involves a wooden white-picket fence, or a stately wrought-iron option.  Today, though, we have another alternative that can match these for… Read More

  • How to Tell When it’s Time for Tree Removal

    How to Tell When it’s Time for Tree Removal Mature trees are a key feature to any landscape. Not only do they contribute to the look of your home aesthetically, but also they provide protection and shade. Once you develop… Read More

  • Finding your Personal Property Lines

    Whether you bought your house 5 years ago or 15, you may not know exactly where your property boundaries lie.  Although you mow your lawn to the same spot each week, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where the line falls. … Read More

  • Benefits of a Kitchen Island

    One of the most unique and convenient aspects of a kitchen is the island. In addition to providing storage space, this feature adds other benefits for both you and the family. Let’s go over some of these benefits and see… Read More

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