Benefits of Fresh Outdoor Air

Benefits of Fresh Outdoor Air

Benefits of Fresh Outdoor Air

Get Healthy: Benefits of Fresh Outdoor Air

Being outdoors is relaxing, reduces stress, and is good for the heart. Fresh air brings many physical and psychological benefits.  Here are some to take note of while you plan your outdoor activities.


Physical Wellness

Spending time outside in green spaces has been shown to increase life expectancy, improve sleep quality and reduce cancer risk.  In fact, studies show a person’s proximity to green spaces has an impact on their risk of chronic illness.


Mental Health

Heading outside will also boost your mental health.  Benefits include a lower risk of depression and faster recovery from stress.  When we get fresh air, it strengthens our ability to  focus and pay attention. Our social connections also increase when we come together with others on our deck, under trees or for a hike.


Community Improvement

Nature also benefits entire communities. It can reduce environmental stressors like air pollution, noise and heat. Cleaning up vacant city lots and replacing them with grass and trees can have a positive impact on a neighborhood. Cleaning and greening have been shown to reduce overall crime and nearby residents’ feelings of depression.


Hit the Trails

Hiking decreases stress and anxiety. It’s also a great cardio workout.  Taking a good hike builds strong muscles and bones and improves your mood.  In fact, research shows that after the age of 40,  we lose about 1% of our bone density every year.  Every hike or walk you go on allows you to take in the elements of nature.  In fact, spending just 30 minutes in the sun will give you a full dose of your daily Vitamin D.


Motivating Yourself

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the outdoors.  Go on a nature hike or a local history trail.  Play a game outside with the family or have a relay race.  Get creative with an outdoor scavenger hunt.  Practice math skills by counting items in nature.  Do some gardening.  Work up a sweat on your bicycle.


So, how can you motivate yourself to get going?   Here are some tactics you can try.

Step out the door. Stop what you’re doing and go outside. This is the toughest step, but so necessary.

Make it a habit.  Treat outdoor recreation as you would a job. Do it everyday and show up on time.

Find a friend. Ask someone to join you and meet them at a specific place.  You’ll be less likely to back out if your buddy is waiting for you.

Be prepared.  Get a hiking pack ready, put out your hiking clothes and shoes, and have water and snacks ready to go.  If you are in a state of readiness, it will be much easier to head out the door.

Make time for exercise.  It’s so important to have fun and pick an activity you enjoy.  This is the key to staying active. Don’t discount those days when you have limited time.  Even a 15-minute walk helps.  The motto to follow:  “something is always better than nothing”.


Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

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