Chain Link Fence Benefits

Chain Link Fence

5 Benefits of a Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

Go for a walk or take a drive and you’re bound to see a bunch of chainlink fences. From private residences to commercial properties to recreational areas, these fences are embraced for their practicality and functionality.  If you’re looking for the peace of mind that comes from protecting your perimeter, a chain link fence should be one of the top contenders. Here are five reasons a chain link fence might be right for you.


Durable Design

Chain-link fences are also known as hurricane fences—which should give you some idea as to the product’s durability. These fences are sturdy enough to withstand powerful storms and they have steel posts embedded deep into the ground for added strength. The galvanized steel also protects against weather and rust.  Unlike some alternatives, this type of fencing won’t warp as a result of temperature changes.


Safe and Secure

Chain-link fences aren’t just for guarding government and other high-security facilities; they make sound sense for Maryland homeowners. You can relax knowing that your kids won’t be running into the street or out of sight and strangers won’t be wandering onto your property. With the strength of stainless steel, you won’t need to worry about the rotting or loosening that can accompany wooden fences.  So, pets will safely stay in the yard while unwanted critters are kept out. Some people choose this type of fence for its see-through quality, although slats can be included if privacy is preferred.


Chain Link Fence = Limited Maintenance

If you want a fence you won’t have to futz with, chain link is the way to go. Installation is easy enough for eager DIYers, although many property owners prefer the experience of fencing installation experts in Maryland. Even better, once these fences are up, there is little more you’ll need to do. You’ll have a fence with a long lifespan without the hassles of regular re-staining or cumbersome cleaning. If the fence does get dirty, simply point your water hose and spray. Mold, mildew and termites are common fence foes, but none present a problem for chain link owners.


Chain Link Fence Design Options

Some people are surprised to learn of the different designs options chain-link can offer. Heights range from 3 feet to 12 feet, depending upon the desired level of security. The steel is available in a variety of thicknesses, and the color can even be customized. Vinyl coating allows for black, green and silver, while other paint treatments come in a wide range of shades. Excel Fencing & Decking offers a full range of options for chain link fences in Baltimore County, Maryland.


Inexpensive Alternative

You don’t need to be a game show champion to know the price is right when it comes to chain-link fencing. It costs less and lasts longer than alternatives while also boasting cheaper installation and repair costs. You’ll see further savings by avoiding regular purchases of expensive stains and cleaning solutions.


When it comes to fencing, chainlink can’t be beat for its unmatched practicality. If you are considering a chain-link fence for your Maryland property, Excel Fencing & Decking is here to help. We carry a wide variety of fences and can easily install them on even the most problematic properties.


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