Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes


If a bathroom redo is in your future, make sure you do your homework.  Bathroom remodeling mishaps can be annoying and costly. Here are some Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes and tips to make sure your makeover is a smooth one.


You Have No Plan

A big mistake many people make is starting a bathroom renovation without a realistic plan.  This includes the layout of the space and the design elements.  Check out the available options for materials and fixtures first to ensure the end result will be the bathroom you want.  If you have any doubts or lack skills, consult a professional to avoid these Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes.


There’s No Set Budget

Before you do anything, set a realistic budget for your project.  Your spending plan should include labor and materials, as well as added costs.  It’s recommended you set aside an extra 10 to 15% to pay for the unexpected.  Spend wisely. Don’t blow your budget on a few expensive pieces and have nothing left to pay for lighting, hardware, and other essentials.

Underestimating the budget for a bathroom renovation is a common problem.  DIYers can also get carried away with all of the cool features in a plumbing showroom.  Every item costs money.  Choose only what you really need and will use.


You Lack Skills

Many DIYers overestimate their skills.  While there are aspects of bathroom projects most people can handle, bathroom plumbing, for example, isn’t one of them.  Hire a plumber or the appropriate professional for the complicated stuff.


Installing Tile Incorrectly

Many people try to save money by installing bathroom tiles on top of existing flooring. However, a bathroom is moist and tile must be laid down on top of a cement surface.  If it’s not, you risk the tile buckling and cracking.  Tiling involves a lot of steps.  Be sure to follow each one to avoid big problems down the road.


Poor Lighting

It’s extremely important for bathroom lighting to be functional as it serves many uses. We need brighter light in the morning to wash our face or put on makeup. Later in the day, softer light is appropriate to help us relax.  Your goal should be to include layers of light to adjust for brightness. Think lights on both sides of the bathroom mirror and a main ceiling light.


Overdoing a Small Space

If you don’t have enough room for a fancy sink and vanity, you’re going to have to pull back.  There’s nothing worse than cramming too much stuff into a small bathroom space.  One solution is to pick products with shallower dimensions.   If space is still tight, leave less important items out to avoid overcrowding.


Poor Ventilation

Good ventilation is essential for a bathroom since steam builds up. If your bathroom has wallpaper, poor ventilation can cause it to peel and mold may grow on the walls and ceiling.   There are many ventilation systems on the market to choose from.  Find one that’s right for your bathroom space.


Lack of Storage

A lack of storage space is another common renovation faux pas.  Make sure there’s enough space to store beauty and hygiene items, toilet paper, towels and other necessary supplies.  Once you figure out what you use daily, think about the best way to store it.  It’s a good idea to have drawers and cabinets of various depths and heights to house items of all sizes.

A bathroom redo can be an exciting adventure if you take the time to properly plan it.  Avoid costly mistakes. Do your homework, plan your budget, and exercise patience.


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