3 Tips to Enjoy Your Backyard Garden

backyard garden

3 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Backyard Garden

If you’re like us, you’ve been itching all winter to get back to the garden. Whether growing flowers or vegetables, gardening is one of the best things about spring and summer. And with the warm weather’s welcome return, we can finally get out there and flex our green thumbs again. Although it takes some work to make a garden flourish, there’s no harm in sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Try these tips to make the most of your garden this spring.


Backyard Garden Tool Time

You don’t want to head out to the garden to begin planting, only to have rusty, dull, or broken tools force you to postpone your plans, so inspect your equipment and prepare it for the coming season. Cleaning tools and blades not only helps them last longer, but it also prevents the spread of diseases. Give them a thorough scrubbing using a scouring pad, hot water, and detergent. If blades are dull, sharpening will offer an edge when cutting through the soil. Finally, lubricate your equipment with oil for increased performance and much easier cleaning. You’ll also want to wash out last year’s planters and pots. Be careful where you dump old dirt as the soil may be full of harmful pests.


Spruce Up Your Backyard Garden

There’s a saying that accessories make the outfit, and that also holds true when it comes to gardening. The right assortment of garden features can send your plant patch from good to great. Many of our clients are especially fond of stepping-stone walking paths. Highly customizable, they can be installed to fit any garden style or yard size. The professionals at Excel Fencing & Decking specialize in decorative paver pathway installation and we’d love to discuss what a walking path could do for your garden.


Fences are another popular feature. Some homeowners need garden fencing to keep deer and other wildlife from trampling and eating their plants. It’s a common problem facing backyard gardens, but the remedy doesn’t need to be chicken wire or plastic deer fencing. In many cases, a picket fence will give the protection needed, while also adding to the beauty and charm of a garden. Additionally, installing a picket fence adds height to a garden by providing a home for vines and other climbing plants. It’s also best to add a fence early in the season so spring plantings can be evenly spaced around it. If you need a fence for your garden, please give us a call. Our fence installation experts have been serving central Maryland for 22 years and are experienced with fences of all sizes and materials.


And Relax

A backyard garden requires a fair amount of attention, but most of the time you’ll be enjoying it from afar. Add new patio furniture or deck chairs for comfortable and stylish lounging while garden watching. Or, if the garden is further back in the yard, you may want to install a gazebo or pergola. Both offer cozy, quiet, and peaceful places to rest and watch butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds, and other garden visitors.


At Excel Fencing & Decking, we pride ourselves in excellent customer service. That means delivering quality work on time and on budget, but also being versatile enough to meet our clients’ needs. As such, we employ a dedicated, hard-working, and multi-talented group of construction professionals to complete whatever task your garden, yard, or home requires. So, if you need a pergola construction in Baltimore, fence repair in Howard County, or a Towson sidewalk installation, Excel Fencing & Decking has you covered.


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