Backyard Fun for Kids

Backyard Fun for Kids

Make Your Backyard Fun for Kids


As America celebrates National Family Fun Month this August, millions of families will flock to the yard to enjoy each other’s company. But while mom and dad may be excited about the new deck, patio, or pergola back there, it probably doesn’t hold the same appeal for children. But there are ways to make your little ones fall in love with your property as much as you have. Check out these ideas to make your backyard fun and more kid-friendly.


Playground Perfection

Jungle gyms are great places for kids to exercise and have backyard fun, but don’t stop at the swing set and slide. Climbing domes and monkey bars help children develop upper body strength, while obstacle courses provide dexterity. Take out those stumps from your yard and slice them into different widths for a stump steps jumping course. Your privacy fence also can be part of the fun. Many homeowners have used the structure to add a climbing wall for kids.


Wildlife Watching Backyard Fun

Children love learning about wildlife, and what better way to learn than by experiencing things firsthand. Install bird feeders and birdbaths to welcome flocks of feathered friends and help your young ones keep a journal of all the colorful visitors. Kids also love water features, so add a small backyard pond and stock it with koi. They’ll love watching the fish swim, and the water will attract a mix of amphibians and insects. You also can introduce mammals to your property by growing different plants. Set aside a spot in your yard for clover or lettuce to encourage visits by rabbits, or blackberry bushes for deer. The furry families will stick around if they feel safe, so leave an undisturbed area for tall weedy grasses or brush piles; both are great for bunnies and chipmunks.


Garden Games

We tend to think of gardening as an activity for adults, yet engaging in the practice at an early age has many long-term benefits, such as eating healthy, working with your hands, and environmental awareness. But like anything with kids, it helps to make it a game. They’ll gladly help you with your own plantings if they can dig in the dirt and explore all the critters that live within the soil. Have them decorate their own planter box with cartoons, movie characters, or a design all their own, and then use the planter to grow their favorite flora. For another idea, grow a climbing beans tee-pee. The unique shape will pique their interest, and they’ll especially love playing and hiding in the tee-pee once the bean vines have sprouted.


Play It Safe

With the right features a yard can become a field of dreams, but without taking safety measures, it can just as easily be a lawn of nightmares. Make sure tools and sharp objects are locked up, remove tripping hazards from the yard, and eliminate poisonous plants, especially those with attractive, colorful berries. Secure deck railings with heavy-duty mesh and keep the gate closed so kids won’t fall off the deck. Installing a fence will further protect youngsters by keeping them in your yard and away from the street.


The best back yards are fun and safe, and that’s what you have to look forward to when working with Excel Fencing & Decking. From installing fences to building decks, we treat every job like it’s the most important one we’ll ever do, so you know you’re getting quality craftsmanship every time.



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