4 Home Improvement Projects

4 Home Improvement Projects

4 Home Improvement Projects for Boosting the Value of a Home

Some home improvement projects will increase your home’s value more than others when it comes time to sell. Are you planning to relocate in 2021? These 4 home improvement projects are sure to boost the value of your home and help it stick out from the crowd.

Deck it Out!

After the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged most of us to stay in our homes much more than usual last year, homeowner desires started to shift toward outdoor spaces that offer areas of escape in their own home. That’s precisely what decks provide, and that’s why decks will remain a coveted feature to homebuyers of each generation in 2021.

Energy Efficient Windows

Buyers of all ages shop for homes with energy efficiency in mind these days. If a house is outfitted with older, drafty windows, the value will take a slight dive as a result. Even if you don’t currently have plans to sell your home, this is a very worthy upgrade. An energy-efficient window solution stops heat from coming in during the summer or leaving during the winter, keeping your HVAC bills low and saving precious natural resources. Plus, the interior and exterior aesthetic of your home will be enhanced!

Remodeled Kitchen

An updated kitchen is sure to boost the value of any home. How much you choose to do to fully modernize your kitchen is up to you! You can always start small with additions like a new faucet and light fixtures before diving into larger additions. If you decide to totally redo the kitchen, installing fully matching energy-efficient appliances is a great way to enhance the appearance of a kitchen, making the home more desirable. A full renovation including new cabinets and countertops can increase your return on investment even more.

Remodeled Basement

Adding useable square footage to your home is a great way to boost its value. A prospective buyer will be able to let their imagination take over when they discover your basement is fully ready to be turned into a home gym, theater, office or bedroom. The same can’t be said for homes with basements that look more suitable for extra storage and cobwebs.

Trust Excel Fencing and Decking for Your Next Home Improvement Project

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